Scented Deodorizers and Odor Shields  

Merlin-Tao's Bad Odor Neutralizers and Perfumes are made of JUST pure perfume essence, made in France and distilled water, and work on the surface itself as opposed to the average air perfumers or essential oils that contain alcohol, aromatic oils, salts, chemicals, detergents, etc. which have the potential to stain, irritate or be flammable.

All the materials used in our products are non-toxic, no animal sourced and no animal testing, totally free of detergents, salts, oils, soap, alcohol, ozone safe, hypoallergenic, children and babies safe, environment friendly & ecological.

Scent Germain products offer a new concept that turns the place itself to the "solution" by turning it to the source of a wonderful and lasting fragrance operating on 3 different levels:

• An exquisite perfume spreading gentle, fresh, clean scents in contained areas and
surfaces (using the hand-sprayer for example in hotel rooms or personal offices) -
offering a solution where there is a lack of pleasant odor.
• A natural scent preventing bad and unappealing odors in wider areas (using an industrial sprayer in public areas such as hotel corridors, event or conference halls etc.)
• A concentrated natural scent solution to “contaminated” places from smoke, food,
mildew, etc. (using the industrial sprayer with the essence and water in a highly
concentrated mixture) - solve excessive unpleasant odors.

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