Business Divisions    
Product Importer/Exporter/Distributor  
- Cleanomatic Vacuum Sweeper [more details]  
- Fuel Saver [more details]  
- Goody Goody Banana Chips [more details]  
- Naturama Cleaners [more details]  
- Scented Deodorizers and Odor Shields [more details]  

Real Estate Development
- The Guest House @ Paraiso – perhaps the most comfortable accommodation in the southern part of Mindoro Oriental. Visit our site at

- Garments - Remerco has migrated to specialize in being the outsource of American and European tailors now engaged in the manufacture of hand crafted suits and pants to fit the discerning individual.

- Natural Snack Chips and Products - Remerco is engaged in the production of high quality banana chips and sweet potato chips from indigenous farm produce of the island of Mindoro. Its facility utilizes both automated and semi-automated manufacturing machineries so that as much employment can be generated in the Municipality of Pinamalayan. With over a quarter of a century of agricultural experience, the company is committed in expanding the potentials of the natural agricultural treasures of the island of Mindoro by continually expanding to other products like coconut chips, coco-water production, coconut fiber and coco-choir (with joint venture), cassava chips production within the not so distant future.

In addition to the local market, we likewise export our products to key trading cities around the world and accept private label contracts for all interested parties.

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